What is the difference between a Shampoo/Style and a Natural Silk Press/style?

A shampoo/style is for a person with chemically relaxed hair. Hair doesn’t have to be pressed because it’s already chemically straighten.

A natural silk press is for a person with 3 or more inches of natural virgin hair beginning at the root. The hair will be silk pressed, then styled.

What is a Sew-in?

A sew-in is tracked hair being installed by using needle and thread. You will be able to shampoo weave while still attached to head. Sew-ins usually last 2-3 months, depending on person’s hair texture.

What is a Quick Weave?

A quick weave is tracked hair being bonded onto a cap, that’s attached to person’s head. Last up to 1 month.

What brand of hair is recommended, if I choose to purchase from Beauty Supply Store?

IndiRemi, First Remy, XQ Remy, Saga, or MilkyWay.

How many bundles of hair is needed for a weave?

10-14 inches of Beauty Inc’s Virgin Hair, 2 bundles is needed. 16 inches and longer, 3 bundles is needed.

Remember: “The longer the hair, the shorter the weft.”

What is the difference between virgin hair and hair bought from the Beauty Supply store?

Virgin hair has not been processed. Hair can be dyed. If hair is well taken care, hair can be reused up to 18 months.

Hair purchased from a beauty supply store has been processed. Very good processed hair can be reused for installment twice.

What is the difference between $90 Weavy Wednesday Sew-in Special and $125 “THE WORKS” Sew-in?

To receive the $90 Weavy Wednesday Special, hair must be pre-washed and blow dryed upon arrival. Person’s hair will be braided, weave installed, cut and styled.

“THE WORKS” Sew-in includes; Shampoo, Hydration Treatment, trim, traditional sew-in, cut and style.